Life in the house of future?

Blinds go up automatically in the morning and heaters are turned low when the room temperature is reached. Household appliances with high power consumption work at night because of favorable electricity tariffs. Via internet, we regulate the heating before we come home at night or watering the garden. 

Intelligente Haustechnik nennt sich dieser Trend, bei dem die Technik mitdenkt und die Bewohner unterst├╝tzt.

This entry into smart home technology is possible with reasonable effort BlueNet WiFi/LAN with power measurement and temperature sensor offers a wide range of applications.  

Besides the permanent socket, withe the IP strip you have three switchable sockets with power measurement and a connected temperature sensor.You are using LAN or WLAN and communicate over the Internet with the integrated Web server. 

Are you concerned that your holiday home may freeze during the winter?

With the BlueNet WiFi/LAN you can set thresholds for temperature and power values. If the temperature falls below the lower value you may be informed by e-mail and the heating starts. If the upper temperature value is again reached the heating goes off. Via internet you can check the current temperature and also look at the temperature over the past 24 hours. In parallel, sockets get switched on or off, if a certain power value worth exceeds or falls below

Of course you can manually turn on or off the connected devices with the BlueNet WiFi/LAN.  

Turn on the heating in your holiday home in winter and your holiday will start enjoyable and warm. Start the air conditioning in summer and your house is refreshingly cool when you start your summer holiday. Irrigate your garden from the resort and at home turn the lights on and off at specific times. 

But do not only think of the holidays.  

The BlueNet WiFi/LAN also offers a variety of ways in everyday life, e.g. monitoring and possibly control of devices in a specific environment like a server room.

All electrical devices that you can plug into a socket can be turned on and off at specific times. Of course they can also be switched manually - and via the internet over the longest distances.

Thanks to WLAN, the Web-Electrical-Socket can be used like a conventional power strip - you do not need additional cabling. Take the first step in smart home technology. The clever use of this technology gives us more comfort, relieves us of the work in the household, gives us access to targeted information and promises more security. 

The Bluenet WiFi/LAN has been used for the following purposes successfully:

  • Lighting control in museums
  • Monitoring of temperature and consumption in cottages with e-mail notification
  • presence simulation
  • Switching of consumers in airports
  • Switching of various devices in server rooms
  • Switching of circulation pumps (hot water in a given period)
  • Monitoring and control of aquariums or swimming ponds
  • Sun protection in conservatories (Astro function)
  • Preheating ovens in a bakery
  • Controlling pumps - watering the lawn
  • Use in low-power systems
  • Monitoring in data center


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