Current software version: 3.3.2(.x)

3.3.2(.x) - 04. November 2015

  • Bugfix - At the occurrence of duplicate values on the X-axis (temperature profile or homepage) eg by time switch to winter time, the curve is not shown correct.

3.3.1(.x) - 23. April 2015

  • Bugfix - In certain configuration of network settings there is no communication with the App.

3.2.9(.x) - 10. March 2015

  • Bugfix - White screen after manual time and date settings
  • Bugfix - Time will jump one hour
  • Bugfix - No time switch at 10:01 o'clock
  • Bugfix - Wrong reason for the last switch at socket 3

3.2.8(.x) - 26. August 2014

Bug fix - Time Switch: Switches at 0:XX o'clock dont't take place.

3.2.7(.x) - 29. July 2014

  • New function - Under Manual switching the reason for the last switch is displayed.

3.2.6(.x) - 20. June 2014

  • Bug fix - After a power failure, there is no connection to the Websteckdose.
  • New function - Emails will receive a unique ID and sent up on failure every 10 minutes up to two hours again.
  • The command "software" under settings -> Other was removed.

3.2.5(.x) - 20.May 2014

  • With few exceptions, special characters are accepted at the temperature monitoring (e-mail facility).
  • Timer Switch selection - overview changed.

3.2.4(.x) - 28. January 2014

  • Bug fix - WLAN connection dips according undefined periods
  • Bug fix - Ip address is assigned by DHCP, even if DHCP is disabled
  • Special characters are allowed in hostname
  • Bug fix - HTTP and HTTPS ports are displayed after the reboot as the default ports

3.2.3(.x) - 8. November 2013

  • Bug fix - Software update from a version older than 3.2.1(.x) to the latest version with the following problem: "Websteckdose is not accessible and must be reseted".
  • Extension interface app - Websteckdose

3.2.2(.x) - 1. November 2013

  • Huge bug fix - sporadic damage to the configuration files
  • Bug fix - Wi-Fi compatibility and function
  • Time Sync all 6h (6,12,18,24)
  • With ..... /cgi-bin/status?aktion=JSON all the important information can be viewed in JSON format
  • With ...../cgi-bin/zeitschaltuhr?steckdose=1&schaltart=Taeglich&aktion=JSON in this example all daily switching times for socket one and the profile name can be viewed in JSON format

3.2.1(.x) - 17. October 2013

  • New Feature: HTTPS
  • Variations in the temperature measurement has been eliminated
  • Bug fixes in the update process
  • Bug fix -Change the timezone
  • Bug fix - Entries for Email2 and Email3 are not displayed after applying
  • Bug fix - astronomical time clock for days on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays
  • Special characters when labeling the sockets

3.2.0(.x) - 23. July 2013

  • Log entries and temperature graphs are available even after rebooting
  • Alternative webserver with compression function, which causes the Websteckdose pages load more quickly
  • All passwords (WLAN, email, authentication) are no longer sent in the URL
  • The network name (SSID) can also be entered manually
  • More special characters are allowed in the wirelesspassword and network name (SSID). In addition, the space in the network name (SSID) can be used. The following characters are not allowed: % & [ ] ;
  • Better view on the smartphone. Display errors have been corrected
  • Reworked way of setting the switching state when the temperature sensor missing
  • Bug fix - profiles are sometimes reset after a certain time

3.1.9(.x) - 15. Mai 2013

  • Bugfix astro function, minute < 10
  • Display the calculated time for sunrise and sunset
  • Email SSL encryption - selection possible
  • The host name is displayed on the home page
  • Information wether LAN or WLAN is connected
  • Defined switching states with disconnected temperature sensor
  • Log file for logging, whether or not email has been sent
  • Log file for logging the temperature was increased up to 365 days
  • The update process has been optimized - Notification of a successful update
  • Log file for logging the switching states is not automatically deleted but limited to 1000 entries

3.1.8(.x) - 18. April 2013

  • new function (Beta) -> "Time Switch - Sunrise / Sunset" (all profiles for Time Switch will be deleted)
  • visual review of the whole homepage (recommendation: clear cache)
  • the names of the individual outlets are now displayed
    under "websteckdose / cgi-bin / status"
  • °C has been removed  as unity in. csv file under temperature curve
  • the special characters "-" and "_" are allowed in the hostname

3.1.7(.x) - 12. February 2013

  • Under settings you can select which type Temperature sensor you use
    (3m / 10m / 20m). Suitable temperature sensors you receive from us on inquiry.
  • Error with the switching at 12 o'clock because of the synchronisation was fixed.
  • The temperature range was extended on -40°C to 100°C.
  • Under downloads you find the link to the current user manual.
  • Bug: Delete of the profile name was fixed.

3.1.6(.x) - 20. December 2012

  • Under temperature curve all recorded hourly temperature values ​​with respective date and time can be downloaded up to 28 days back in a .csv file.
  • The wireless settings are applied immediately. A restart of the Web-Electrical-Socket is no longer required when changing.
  • In case of failure during the update of the software, it is possible to simulate this on an earlier version in order to update the software again. Just go to Settings -> Services then enter the following and apply: software
  • A monitoring of the process and configuration file has been set up that the software works in every case.

3.1.5(.x) - 10. December 2012

  • Now under info the information exists whether the Web-Electrical-Socket is online or off-line.
  • The Wlan Ip under Info is correctly displayed.
  • With the temperature switching the temperatures can be set for every socket individually.
  • Reworking of the temperature monitoring: Encryption SSL and port choice
  • Problems of the Internet binding with concurrent use of LAN and WLAN were repaired.

3.1.4(.x) - 20. November 2012

  • Problem with the saving of the username and password was removed.
  • A new range-> temperature curve is available, here it is possible to observe the temperature course of the last 24 hours, the last 7 days and the last 28 days.
  • Now about http all information can be covered to the state of the web outlet-> enter for it "Ip address"/cgi-bin/status in the browser and the information is already to be seen.
  • In the range-> Info the Lan and Wlan Ip address is shown now.
  • In the log file the temperature is given with the temperature switch at the time of the switch process.
  • If temperature monitoring it set up, You also receive with every restart of the Web-Electrical-Socket an email notification.

3.1.3(.x) - 13. November 2012

  • The homepage updates itself all 10 seconds.
  •  A new range-> Download is available, here You can download a log file about all switch processes and releases.
  • If you can't see this, please delete your browser cache.
  • The picture in the range-> Manual switching was updated.


  • The concurrent use of the Time switch and Temperature switching is possible from now on.
  • The concurrent use of LAN and WLAN is possible from now on.
  • The Web-Electrical-Socket is accessible with switched on DHCP via hostname (e.g., "websteckdose“) (tested with a Fritzbox).
  • Partly stagnant apply of the network settings is fixed.


    • The Web-Electrical-Socket is accessible with switched on DHCP via hostname with a dot behind it (e.g., "websteckdose.“) (tested with a Fritzbox).
    • Date and time of the last time synchronisation can be found under Info.
    • The Mac addresses are indicated on the Info page.
    • The soft version and hardware version is not indicated any more on the homepage, but on the Info page.
    • The function „scan network“ under settings> Wlan configuration is available now. With this function all Wlan networks are listed in reach to select them later under network name (SSID).
    • Under Settings-> Wlan configuration  the new setting WPA Mode is available (AES or TKIP).


    • First Software version for the Hardwareversion 3.0.1.
    • The function Update was added.


    The software of the Web-Electrical-Socket is developed constantly. Do you have suggestions or proposals for the improvement?

    Appeal to us!


    Phone: 0421 - 80 27 91 43
    Fax: 0421 - 80 27 91 18