BlueNet WiFi/LAN

In cooperation with the company Bachmann GmbH & Co. KG the Wöhlke EDV-Beratung GmbH offers the new product, the BlueNet WiFi/LAN (820.054).

With the progression of the Websteckdose you can control up to three electrical sockets using the internet. In addition, there is a non-switchable permanent socket available. The maximum load is 16 A per socket. Choose from either LAN or WLAN link and use the connected temperature sensor. With the new power measurement, you have complete control over the consumption and cost of the connected devices.

BlueNet WiFi/LAN

Manual Switching

The switching is carried out over the Internet by a web browser with the help of the integrated webserver. The BlueNet WiFi/LAN is assigned with a static and dynamic IP-address, which can be extracted for example from our service on This allows a remote access.

Time-controlled Switching

Offers comfortable programming of the timed switch using the web browser. Determine a point in time, in which the chosen switch turns on/off (date and time). During daily switching (on/off) only the time will be entered. The System-Time of the BlueNet WiFi/LAN can be automatically synchronized daily via the Internet. For weekly switching procedure the weekdays can be set. The time at which it switches (on/off) can be selected for any point in time. You can save all settings (on/off) in your own profile. Up to four profiles can be created.

Temperature Monitoring, Threshold-Alarm and Temperature Dependent Switching

The ambient temperature is measured with the help of a connected temperature sensor and is shown on the web browser or the App. Define the upper and lower threshold values and enter different email-addresses, to which an email is send if it goes below or above this threshold. Set the limiting value at which the chosen electrical sockets switch. In this way, for example, you can set an air handling unit to work only in a specific temperature range.

Energy measurement, Treshold-Alarm and power switching

With the power measurement more monitoring options are available. In an overview, the current, the current electrical power and the work of each outlet as well as the voltage of the BueNet WiFi/LAN are displayed. Using the work counter and the possibility to enter the kilowatt-houer rate, the costs of the connected consumers can directly be determined. As with the temperature monitoring, it is also possibly to switch or get notified by self-defined active power levels.

App for Smartphone

  • The app can be found in the Play Store (Android) or in the App Store (iOS) under the nameBlueNet WiFi APP .
  • It displays the current temperature, the power and the current switching state. In addition, the sockets can be switched on and>


The functions and connectivity options of the BlueNetWiFi/LAN im Überblick:

  • The power strip can be connected via LAN or WLAN (encryption with WPA2 or others)
  • Switching and configuration of the Electrical-Web-Socket using the web browser
  • Time switch function with with automatic time synchronization via Internet
  • Temperature measurements and measurements of currents, voltage, active power and work
  • Automated e-mail delivery, when the set temperature or power threshold is exceeded or fallen below
  • Temperature- and power-dependent switching
  • LAN cable, external wireless antenna, temperature sensor and mounting brackets are included in delivery
  • Development and production in Germany

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